Sunday, January 5, 2014

Increase your productivity under Xfce with rename-xfce-workspace

To increase my productivity and better organize my work under Xfce, I find a simple way is to bind to shortcut keys the following workspace operations:
  1. insert workspace
  2. delete workspace
  3. rename workspace
That way whenever a task comes up I can insert a workspace, rename it, do some work in it, and once done delete it.

By default insert and delete workspace operations are bound to Alt-Insert and Alt-Delete. And you can rebind them to anything you like via the Windows Manager settings. However, there is no way to bind a shortcut key to rename a workspace, so I wrote a tool that does just that:

All you have to do (beside fulfilling the requirements, see is copy it under /usr/bin or anywhere accessible by your PATH and bind it to some key (via Keyboard settings, I usually use Super-R).

For example, say you want to start doing some music, you insert a new workspace, but the name (here "Hard Work") doesn't match your new task.

You move to that new workspace, press Super-R (which fires rename-xfce-workspace), and then rename that workspace to match your task, say "Music" (see screenshots below).

In the meantime if some task comes up, just re-insert a new workspace and rename it accordingly.

You can delete your workspace once you're done with your task. However
Xfce will delete the right most workspace, not the current one, I've actually looked for a workaround and it doesn't seem difficult to fix but I'm already satisfied enough not to bother any further. All you've gotta do, till that is fixed, is stack up your tasks.

Hope you find rename-xfce-workspace useful, drop me a comment if you do.